Looking at the 3DS as a Comic Reading Platform

If there’s one topic that seems to be constantly on the minds and tongues of modern gamers it’s the concerns and possibilities of an all digital future. With services like Steam, XBLA and PSN leading the forefront and others like OnLive and Origin stepping up to the plate it seems we’re approaching a time when we might find out the answer to that question for sure. But what about other forms of media?

Brick and mortar rental stores are quickly losing ground to services like NetFlix and don’t even get me started on music. But what about comic books? Forays into this have been made, mostly by the big two (Marvel & DC). Comics Alliance was given a 3DS by Nintendo so they could look at the system and explore the possibilities of using it as a digital comic reader, and their results are interesting to say the least.

From webcomics to digital services like Marvel & DC already offer, the possibilities are there and with the recent price drop announcement the sale will be a little easier but will it happen and can it work? Only time will tell.

[Comics Alliance]

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John Colaw

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