Looks Like Zombies Are Returning in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Looks Like Zombies Are Returning in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Mmmm, futuristic warfare brains. It looks like zombies are making a return to the Call of Duty franchise when Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare hits shelves next week.

A trailer leaked earlier today by Willydangles over on Reddit of the game teasing a new zombies mode before being promptly removed. The trailer has now been mirrored and placed up on Daily Motion where you can view it, albeit with poor quality.

In case the video gets pulled, here is a quick recap of the trailer. The video starts with in the first person perspective of a solider lightening up a flair in front of a run down complex, with barbed wire and mangled steel all around. Tossing the flair into the courtyard, the music roars in with pounding drum beats as figures swarm the glass door behind him and try to break their way through. Looking down at his weapon, the soldier realizes he is out of ammo and discards it as more figures sprint down a catwalk above.

As he runs in panic and struggles to get his footing he reaches the clearing the flair is in as dozens of individuals swarm from behind him. A futuristic invisible helicopter swoops in and decloaks, raining down bullets to cut down the enemies behind him as he boost jumps into the vehicle. Another soldier helps you get inside and immediately asks you if you are bitten and inspects you for wounds. After being satisfied with his condition, this other solider says that you are safe and peers over out the open side door of the helicopter at a crowd of zombies swarming the side wall of the complex like a scene out of World War Z. Everything looks calm before a zombie jumps all the way up to the helicopter and rips the soldier out of the helicopter as you helplessly look on and the screen cuts to black.

Super jumping, sprinting zombies would make a thrilling new addition to the game and it looks almost as if it will be sort of a Left 4 Dead amped up with future tech. That is certainly one hell of a combo I want to try out and has made me quite excited to see what other surprises Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has in store for us when it releases on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC on November 3rd.

Update: The video has already been pulled (they work really fast, apparently), but we do have the full trailer description and screenshot from the video above.

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