Lord of Apocalypse Will Launch With The Same Price on PSP and PS Vita

Despite clear signsals of the opposite many still wonder if PS Vita games will cost more than PSP ones. Lord of Apocalypse from Square Enix confirms once more that the price point of games for the PS Vita is exactly the same as that of games for the PSP.

The game will cost 5980 yen on physical format (UMD for the PSP and card for the Vita) and 4980 yen of downloaded from the PSN on both platforms. Early buyers will also receive a card that can be used in the arcade card game Lord of Vermillion 2.

If you want to import the Japanese version, the equivalent in green bills with George Washington’s face is $78.04 dollars and $64.99. As usual remember that Japanese prices are much higher because of the beefier local wages and cost of living, and that’s the standard price for new PSP games in Japan. If it’ll be ever localized in the West those prices will be almost sliced in half.

There you have it, worrywarts. So far all the PS Vita games the prices of which have been made public cost the same as their PSP counterparts. Software Publishers are always out for the cold hard content of your wallets, but in this case not too much.

Giuseppe Nelva

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