Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven Rated by the ESRB

on February 5, 2015 1:47 PM

An ESRB rating for a Nintendo 3DS exclusive dubbed Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven has appeared.

Like the registering of a “LordofMagna.com” domain early last month, this could be taken as a hint at the localization of the as of yet Japan exclusive JRPG Forbidden Magna. The title has earned a T rating from the ESRB, with the board citing fantasy violence, mild language, partial nudity, and suggestive themes as justification. The description is also quite interesting:

This is a role-playing game in which players help an innkeeper assist a maiden to regain her memories. From a 3/4 over-head perspective, players explore landscapes, interact with characters, and battle fantasy creatures (e.g., dinosaur, gargoyles, robots). Players use swords, guns, and magic spells to defeat enemy creatures in turn-based combat. Battles are accompanied by mild explosions and impact sounds. One sequence depicts a character impaled by a sword. The game contains some suggestive material: a bath house sequence depicting female characters with exposed buttocks and/or partially obscured breasts; a female character scrubbing another character’s breasts; dialogue pertaining to breast size (e.g., “You really lucked out when filling out, huh” and “I wished mine were that big.”). The word “a*s” can be heard in the game.

I can’t wait to hear more about this title. I wonder when we’ll see a more concrete reveal.

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