Lord of the Rings Online Thievery & Mischief Sale

By John Colaw

November 5, 2010

They say nobody simply walks into Mordor, but if you’ve already done just that and need a little help along the way you may be in luck. A lot of items are currently on sale in the Lord of the Rings Online sale, most notably the Thievery and Mischief Skirmish, an extra Character Slot, and the Compassion Virtue which are all 20% off.

Thievery and Mischief Skirmish
“Join the Free Peoples in driving the brigands out of Bree to reclaim the South Gate! Gain access to the city’s Auction House, the haunted alley, the Jailhouse and more! Prepare to encounter relentless enemies such as Lordfisher, Padfoot and Goretusk! This offensive skirmish can be accessed at level 30 and provides scaled spaces for solo, 2, 3, 6, or 12 player group play.”

Check out the store for more details on the sale. How appropriate the name of that skirmish is, well I suppose that one’s up to you.

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