1920’s Poker RPG Lords of New York Launches on Steam Early Access on January 19th

1920’s Poker RPG Lords of New York Launches on Steam Early Access on January 19th

Lords of New York, a self-proclaimed “new kind of poker game,” from developer Lunchtime Studios is set to release on PC via Steam Early Access on January 19th.

First time hearing about Lords of New York? No problem — here’s an overview from Lunchtime Studios:

Lords of New York is poker the way it oughta be – with a lot fewer of those boring rules! Cheat your way to the top in style in this stylish 1920s-era Poker RPG, where you’ll develop skills over the course of every game to give you an edge on your opponents. Don’t like the cards you’ve got? Switch ’em around. Don’t like the way your opponent is betting? Make ’em regret it. Pick your character, and see how fun poker can be.

Every character’s skills and abilities match their distinct personalities, and they’re all lovingly animated and fully voice acted. They’ll let you know exactly how they feel about the way the game is going, encouraging players to bond with them over the course of a game. Poker isn’t about cards – it’s about the people – and Lunchtime Studios has created a cast of characters you won’t forget.

Lords of New York features:

  • Texas Hold ‘Em

  • Unique character skill trees.

  • Single-player Story Mode (upcoming).

  • New 2D Animation technology for body language expression.

  • Humorous characters that react to your every move

  • AAA voice acting

  • 4-player multiplayer

  • Cross-play from PC/Mac to iOS on a LAN

A price point has not been divulged. But a new trailer has — you can check it out for yourself below, along with some of the game’s screenshots.

Personally, I’m a pretty big poker guy, but I also like for my poker games to have a bit of style and more depth beyond realism. Naturally, it appears like Lords of New York is a perfect fit for me.