Lords of the Fallen is Headed to iOS and Android Next Year

Lords of the Fallen is Headed to iOS and Android Next Year

After revealing that Lords of the Fallen 2 was in development earlier today, the developers announced on Twitter that the predecessor will be available on Android and iOS devices next year.

Wait, what?

Yes, Lords of the Fallen, the same game that CI Games Chief Executive Marek Tyminski once said to Businessweek that, “I don’t think we would be profitable from that game on the old generation” when referring to the studios decision to not release PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. How exactly Lords of the Fallen will translate to touch devices and how well it will run is beyond me.

This leads me to ponder if this announcement is meant to mean that some touch specific game set in the Lords of the Fallen universe is what is being referred to here despite what the Tweet says. The announcement comes completely out of left field and details are sparse, so I’m taking the possibility of a 1:1 port with a grain of salt for now. On the off chance that they do successfully make a game with the size and scope of Lords of the Fallen playable on a device like an iPad Air 2, I’d be incredibly impressed.

Lords of the Fallen is now available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.