Lost Ark Disorder Crystals: Where to Get and How to Use

Dungeon-specific currency!

February 13, 2022

Lost Ark Disorder Crystals can be used to buy various items, but only in a specific place in the game’s world!

Despite its launch back in 2019 in South Korea, Lost Ark is a pretty unknown and new game for players of the world after its most recent worldwide release.

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As a result, there are many questions around the game’s quests, items, currencies, and locations at the moment, for which players looking for precise answers.

Disorder Crystals seem to be one of the Lost Ark‘s mysterious currencies at the moment, but there is actually a straightforward use for it in a specific place on the map!


How to Get the Lost Ark Disorder Crystals

Currently, you can earn Disorder Crystals in Lost Ark by completing Chaos Dungeons.

Chaos Dungeons are an endgame activity in Lost Ark. You can do two Chaos Dungeon runs every day on your own or with a team of 4 players. During each run, you will be tasked to defeat a powerful monster, so yes, going with a team is better than doing it solely.

Completing this activity rewards players with multiple items, one of which is Disorder Crystal.

What Can You Buy Using Disorder Crystals?

Disorder Crystal is much like a currency in the game and can be spent at the Chaos Dungeon Vendor. You can find the vendor in Vern Castle at North Vern. The vendor is exactly located in the southeast of the Chaos Dungeon statue.

If you interact with him, you can find a number of stuff that can be purchased from him using Disorder Crystals.

Lost Ark is now available for free on PC through Steam.

Source: GamerTweak

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