Lost Ark Receives Another Trailer, Shows 20 Minutes of Footage and Details Classes

on November 21, 2014 6:49 PM

Smilegate, you are just teasing us now. Lost Ark, the Diablo-esque game by the Korean developers, has received a monstrous 20min video packed with tons of footage of the games classes, skills, boss battles and more that is making me salivate for a potential Western release.

The 20min are as gorgeous as you can expect, showing off a good number of enemies on screen with slick animations and stunning visual effects. There are plenty of great tid bits sprinkled throughout the video as well, like intricate boss fights that require you to do things like chaining down a massive beast before you can whack at it with your weapons, as well as some interesting PvP gameplay that seems to utilize the game’s abilities to form intricate combos.

There is still no word if this massive multiplayer dungeon crawling game will be coming West yet though, but I can’t help but think it would have an audience here if it does. Checkout the full trailer below and let me know if Lost Ark is something you want to be playing on your PC next year.

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