Lost Dimension for PS3 and PS Vita is Coming to North America

on March 11, 2015 1:31 PM

The PS Vita will be gaining yet another RPG in Lost Dimension from Atlus. The game is also being released for the PS3, helping keep the beast alive.

The strategy RPG will allow players to develop relationships with the characters of their party, in addition to commanding them in battle. After getting to know your teammates, you’ll be able to use a mind reading ability to oust a traitor from your pack:

Well, let me paint a nightmare scenario for you: your pool of warriors that are leveling up and gaining experience have a few traitors in their midst. And as you inch closer and closer towards the final boss, you’re forced to kill one of your teammates — hoping against all hope that you figured out enough clues along the way to be able to correctly identify which one of them is actually a traitor. And after you repeatedly undergo this pattern of trial of accusations and executions (bear in mind this is on top of a full day of combat) you’re squaring off against the final boss, only to have several party members turn on you because SURPRISE, you picked the wrong traitor. The End.

The game will also feature a New Game+ option, letting you keep your powered up party members for subsequent plays. Lost Dimension launches this summer.

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