Lost Ember Lights Up the Animal Kingdom on Kickstarter

Lost Ember Lights Up the Animal Kingdom on Kickstarter

Mooneye Studios has brought their gorgeous looking animal sim Lost Ember to the dense forest of Kickstarter. But rather than getting lost in the woods, the campaign has managed to reach the €100,000 (approx $110,000 USD) in just a manner of days!

The exploration game will put you in the paws of a wolf who will learn of the fall of Inrashi civilization on its journey. Obstacles and puzzles can be overcome by inhabiting the bodies of other animals: Dig under roots and trees as a mole, swim upstream as a nimble fish, or look adorable as a giant rat with the capybara.

The interesting approach to playing as multiple characters combined with the excellent juxtaposition of angular characters and lush environments make this campaign shine above the rest.

Even the backer rewards here look fascinating with a slick looking artbook, a always welcomed printed map, and the ability to catch legendaries (animals that is).

Since the campaign has already been funded, Lost Ember will come to Xbox One, PS4 and PC with a estimated release date of early 2018. And, with VR aptly being such a hot topic right now, the game will feature a virtual reality mode that will be compatible with HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

We’ll be sure to show more coverage of this promising looking title but until then enjoy this story teaser from their press release.