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Lost In Space Season 1 and 2 Recap - What To Expect In Finale Season 3

The story so far....

November 29, 2021

A brand new season of Lost In Space is releasing on December 1, so let’s refresh our memories with Season 1 and 2 recap to brace ourselves for the adventure ahead.

Lost In Space is a science fiction saga that has garnered lots of views on Netflix. The story is about a family of space explorers who leave a dying Earth to settle on a new planet. But due to an unfortunate turn of events, they get lost in an alien galaxy and face challenges in staying together against seemingly insurmountable odds.

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Into the Arcane: Council Archives | Final Entry Trailer

Into the Arcane: Council Archives | Final Entry Trailer

Lost In Space Season 1 Recap

In the year 2044, an alien spaceship crash-lands into Earth and renders the planet uninhabitable for humans. The US military then uses the alien technology of the spaceship to build an intergalactic colony ship named the Resolute. The plan is to find another habitable planet to give humanity another shot at survival.

Two years later in 2046, humans are on their way to colonize a planet in the Alpha Centauri system. But they get attacked by aliens and accidentally warp into space landing in unknown territory.

Landing on unknown planet

Following the attack on Resolute by an alien species, the Robinson family crash lands in their Jupiter 2 vessel on the icy part of an unknown planet. Here, the oldest daughter of the Robinson family gets trapped in freezing water. The father John and the son Will try to save Judy but they get split in the process. Will gets stuck on a branch in a forest fire where he is confronted by an alien robot. With the fire closing in on both of them, Will decides to save the Robot and it saves Will in return. Together they return to the rest of the family and the Robot saves Judy as well.

As the Robinson family tries to look for other survivors, they encounter the Robot’s crashed ship and discover that they are stranded in another galaxy. Through an identical flashback with the Robot, Will learns that the Robot was responsible for the attack on the Resolute.

The imposter among them

Meanwhile, a woman named June who stole her sister’s identity named Dr.Smith had managed to get on board the Resolute. She gets caught and arrested on the spaceship but manages to escape during the attack with Don – a Resolute crew member. Both of them crash on the same planet as the Robinson family and June (who now calls herself Smith) is rescued by them and claims that she’s alone.

They somehow manage to pick up chatter from the Resolute and other Jupiter ships. They find that there are several other survivors on the planet but they are all unable to leave because there are fuel-eating eels on the planet that has depleted their fuels.

One of the survivors tells Judy that the Robot was responsible for the attack on the Resolute and Will is forced to abandon the Robot in a cave. As everyone tries to go back to the Resolute, Smith doesn’t want to go back as she would be imprisoned once again. So she sabotages the plan by disabling camp defenses and indigenous creatures start attacking their ship.

Among this chaos, Will cries for the Robot’s help but he appears in the hostile mode that attacked the Resolute. There is growing fear among the survivors that the Robot could become hostile again but the family manages to persuade them. However, later on, Smith manipulates a situation and the Robot accidentally ends up hurting John so Will has to order the Robot to jump off a cliff to get rid of him. Smith finds the broken Robot and revives him up so now the Robot pledges allegiance to her.

Another obstacle ahead

Meanwhile, Maureen finds that the planet is going to become uninhabitable soon because of a black hole nearby. Upon learning this truth, a fellow survivor named Victor hatches a selfish plan to use the remaining fuel to rescue his family leaving everyone else behind but John manages to stop him.

Maureen and John then tell the rest of the survivors about the threat on this planet so they plan to leave the planet together. Maureen also comes to know about June’s identity so she locks her up. But when the Jupiter ship is forced to leave earlier with Don and John piloting, Smith convinces Will to set her free and she knocks out Maureen just when John needed Maureen to guide them. It is then that the Jupiter ship blows up.

Smith aka June then holds Maureen captive and offers to help her and the children in exchange for fixing the alien ship. Judy manages to locate her mother Maureen and Smith but realizes that she cannot do anything as the Robot now listens to Smith.

Through flashbacks, it is revealed that the reason why the Robot didn’t have any ill intentions. It was simply on a mission to retrieve the engine from the Resolute which belonged to the aliens.

A Bittersweet ending

In the present, Will finds out that John and Don are alive but fails to get the Robot on his side. With limited time left, the Robinsons, Smith, and the Robot board into Jupiter 2 to save John and go back to the Resolute. Realizing that Smith has too much power, Maureen tries to get rid of the Robot in the cargo bay of the ship. But another alien Robot appears and attacks Will.

However, the Robot decides to save Will by grabbing the hostile Robot and jumping into the space, thus, sacrificing himself in the process. The survivors then set en route to the Resolute using the alien engine taken from the Robot’s crashed ship. But instead of reaching the Resolute, the alien engine teleports them to another dangerous solar system, leaving them Lost In Space once again!

Lost In Space Season 2 Recap

Season 2 starts from 7 months after the event of Season 1. This time the Robinson’s, Don, and their prisoner Smith are stranded on an oceanic planet where Maureen and John are trying to recharge Jupiter’s batteries using the lightning storms on the planet.

Netflix has released a Lost In Space Season 2 recap video which makes it much easier to quickly scan through the events in a few minutes. You can watch it here:

What To Expect From Lost In Space Season 3?

In the third and final season of Lost In Space, the stakes will be even higher. Robinson family’s survival instincts will be put to the ultimate test one more time. After years of being trapped in different mysterious planets, must lead the 97 young Colonists in a harrowing evacuation — but not before secrets are unearthed that will change their lives forever.

Meanwhile, John and Maureen will be facing overwhelming odds as they try to reunite with their kids — the aliens being the greatest threat among all!

We are excited to know more about the aliens in Lost in Space as their civilization and technology are still somewhat of a mystery. So hopefully all our burning questions can be answered in Season 3 when it hits Netflix on December 1, 2021.

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