Trailer Found for Unreleased Zelda Film

February 10, 2011

Fans have been clamoring for a film based on the classic The Legend of Zelda series for decades now. Many fan trailers have been released, but it looked like we’d never see the real deal. It turns out Orion Pictures actually produced a feature length Zelda film in 1987, when the first game was released in the US.

Comedy/video game site Gamervision has found and posted the film’s trailer, embedded after the jump. It looks like the movie takes more inspiration from other films of its time than it does from the actual game series. This is understandable as games from the NES era weren’t very heavy on story and most of the plot was revealed through the instruction booklet. Adaptations of game series took liberties all the time as writers had to fill the cracks in themselves. Just look at the Zelda and Mario TV series or Captain N. Though the producers of this film must have known more than a bit about the series as characters like Navi and Midna, who would not be introduced in the games until years later, make an appearance.

The biggest hurdle with adapting Zelda has always been the translation of a silent protagonist to the big screen. Of course they wouldn’t be able to please every fan with whatever characterization of Link they’d chosen, as we all project ourselves into the character. Now that the trailer is out, the film will undoubtedly surface soon and we’ll all be able to see if they did the character, and the series, justice.

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