Lost Order by Final Fantasy Tactics Director and PlatinumGames Gets New Images and Trailer

Cygames and PlatinumGames present new art and a new trailer of the upcoming mobile game Lost Order.

Today Japanese publisher Cygames released a new batch of screenshots and a trailer of Lost Order, an upcoming mobile game developed by PlatinumGames.

Lost Order was announced last year, and pretty much comes with a dream team.

The game is directed by Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy Tactics and Vagrant Story Director Yasumi Matsuno, while the Art Director is Akihiko Yoshida, who lent his pen to Vagrant Story, many Final Fantasy games, the Bravely series and NieR: Automata. Last, but not least, PlatinumGames’ Atsushi Inaba is working on it as Producer.

We get the introduction of four new characters:

Levi Agravane (27 years old) is a Swashbluckler. He is an attacker who uses both sword and a bowgun attached to his artificial arm. Both a knight and a novelist, he continues writing is manuscript as he explores the world. According to him, being a writer is his main profession, but the world recognizes him more as a “detective knight.” He says that he lost his arm and eyes (now replaced by prosthesis) with his lost love when they parted, but the actual circumstances are unknown.

Bianca Witecca (17 years old) is a witch, a powerful supporter good at magic attacks, especially of the fire element. She is both beautiful and the sister of a powerful magician, on a level rarely seen nowadays. She is said to be overly proud of her glamorous appearance, but she is actually a hard worker that strives to improve herself every day. She acknowledges the skills of her sister Dilalia more than anyone else.

Palm Lindberg (17 years old) is a sky pirate, and specializes both in attacking and healing by using magic and sniping. When someone asks her name, she will respond “Pirate Palm Lindberg!” however, she is just a girl who longs for pirate stories. She has aimed to become a pirate to fulfill the dream of a child who died of illness, but she can’t bring herself to commit the crimes required to really be one.

Ethan Gray Meynard (49 years old) is a baron, and he fights in hand-to-hand combat with a pair of tonfa. He is a member of a noble family that is one of the top landowners in the nation. While he dislikes the old traditions of aristocracy, living a free and fickle life, he decided to succeed to administering the fortune of his family. His living without concerns is mostly a pose, and he has various connections in many fields. He appears in the game as an NPC.

We also get more information on the setting based on the city of Gold Heaven. It benefited from incredible development during the age of the gold rush and the successive industrialization, and features pollution and massive differences between the rich and poor districts. Aristocrats and wealthy citizens live in the higher levels, where the air is pure and there is plenty of light. The lower classes and outlaws stay in the lower levels, covered by clouds of smoke and steam.

In the images in the gallery you can see the upper level, with its skyscrapers and luxurious residential area. The middle level is where commercial and industrial facilities are located. It’s also the place where upper class directors and lower class worker meet. The vast majority of the workers are immigrants and tensions are raising due to economic exploitation of the city by the national government.

The Washpool River area is at the bottom of the city, with countless waterfalls pouring from giant plateaus. At the base there are diverse people like goblin, lizardmen and natives, living in villages all over the place. They have their own language and culture, and normally avoid unnecessary conflict, but at times the order is broken due to the exploitation by the human population.

The Tamworth Grand Canyon is a gorge extending from the suburbs of Gold Heaven. The soil is reddened and dry, and there are dungeons, and ruins of an ancient magical civilization. Many of the ruins have collapsed, but some remain in good shape, and are the target of treasure hunters. Authorities try to discourage that practice. It’s not an exaggeration to say that this is a lawless area, haven of pirates and bandits.

You can check out the images below. Incidentally, Cygames is now accepting applications for the Japanese closed beta on the official site, but for the moment there is no indication of a firm release date or a western localization. The game is set to be released on iOS and Android.

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