Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds in Genshin Impact - Should You Pull The Banner? Builds, Stats

April 4, 2021

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is the 5* Catalyst weapon featured in the next Weapon banner in Genshin Impact – Here are its stats, possible builds and team comps and tips on whether you should pull for it.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is a 5* Catalyst

Meaning it is equipable by characters such as Lisa, Barbara, Klee, Sucrose, Mona, and Ningguang. Klee overall seems like the best choice for the weapon.

Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds stats: Level 1 (Level 90)

  • Base ATK: 46 (68)
  • Sub Stat: 7.2% (33.1%) CRIT Rate%

Special Ability

(Refine level progression of the ability is under parenthesis)

Increases Movement SPD by 10%. When in battle, gain an 8% (10%, 12%, 14%, 166%) Elemental DMG Bonus every 4s. Max 4 stacks. Lasts until the character falls or leaves combat.

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This is why the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Weapon is great for a character like Klee as she’s a Catalyst DPS user. Most other Catalyst characters will have you switching around. And switching characters remove the Elemental DMG bonus stacks.

A team with Ningguang and another Geo character could be devastating too.

Weapon Ascension Materials required

Players will need Dandelion Gladiator materials, Chaos materials, and Slime materials. The Dandelion Gladiator materials are farmed in the Domains on Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday.

For the locations of the Domains and the monster drops, simply check in-game in your Adventurer Handbook.

Should you get the Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds Catalyst?

While featured in the new Epitome Invocation Weapon Banner starting on April 6, Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds is actually an old weapon and already on the permanent banner. The drop rate boost of this new banner will make it easier to obtain though.

At 90 pulls on the Weapon banner, you’ll have a chance to get either Skyward Harp or Lost Prayer to the Sacred Wind. but you can’t be guaranteed to get one or the other.

If you’re unlucky, even if you whale, you can only end up with Skyward Harp multiple times. While 5* weapons are incredibly powerful, this is why I personally don’t recommend pulling on Weapon banners overall. I’d rather save for future characters.

  • ALLEY HUNTER – Builds for the exclusive 4* Bow in the banner

However, it’s worth noting there’s another big reason to pull on this banner. To obtain the Alley Hunter, which is a pretty good Bow, and exclusive to this banner. Alley Hunter is a 4* Bow so you’ll have a good change to pull it every 10 pulls. The banner will last until April 27.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PC, mobile. A PS5 version is coming soon. A Switch version was also announced.

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