Lost Riches Secret Trove Treasure Day 1, How to Solve the Puzzle and Get Primogems

Note that your own Secret Trove might have a different puzzle, so here are some tips to clear it.

By Iyane Agossah

August 6, 2021

The Treasure Seeking Seelie is back in Genshin Impact, with the Lost Riches and its key NPC Ulman now in Inazuma, here are some tips to complete the first part of the event, and to find & unlock the first Secret Trove.

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Character Teaser – “Yoimiya: The Queen of Summer on Narukami Island” | Genshin Impact

Treasure Area 1, 2 tips

First off, you’ll have to go talk to Ulman to get the Treasure Seeking Seelie. Nothing complicated here. Just open the Event menu, select the Lost Riches event and just read the instructions. If you’re too lazy to read the instructions in-game, it’s not like you’ll read my instructions here after all.

After that, you’ll have to complete Treasure Area 1 and 2 by gathering all of their Iron Coins. Don’t forget to equip and activate the Seelie, as it’s a Gadget. Each search area is very small, so you should have no trouble finding all coins by running around and waiting for the Seelie to react. And don’t be afraid of going over spots you’ve already inspected.

Now, you’ll have gathered four pieces out of the eight photo pieces of the Special Treasure Clue. Note that it’s impossible to complete the photo yet, as the other pieces will be obtainable in Treasure Area 3 and 4, unlocking on Day 2 of the Lost Riches event.

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Lost Riches Secret Trove 1 – Location, Puzzle Hint and solution explained

Genshin Impact treasure trove 1 location

However, looking at the pieces of the photo, it’s evident the area shown is Araumi, in front of the ruins’ entrance. So go and teleport there. Once you’re there, whip out the Seelie, and you’ll get a message prompt saying you’re near the treasure trove, and the search area will show up on the map. Go there and the Seelie will react to something, examine it to dig up the first special tile.

The game explains that “some areas in which Secret Troves are buried feature special tiles that will light up when first stepped on, and turn off when stepped on again. After stepping on one such tile, the next tile stepped on must be connected to the current one on at least one side.”

In other words, the goal of the puzzle isn’t to light up all the tiles. You need to follow the shape formed by the Puzzle Hints and only light up the correct tiles displayed on the Hint.

Except seeing we’re only on day 1 of the event, we don’t have the full Puzzle Hint yet. So you’ll have to step on the first tile, as in the one with the symbol on it, follow the Hint for the next 2-3 tiles to lit, and then try and guess which are the final tiles you need to lit or turn off. Note that groups of players each have different puzzles than others. I’ve included the solution for the puzzle I’ve got below.

Mine was very simple, as you just needed to step on the first tile again to deactivate it, and then go back to the top one. And you’re done. If your puzzle is different from mine, you should be able to figure it out with this.

Genshin Impact is available on PS4, PS5, PC, mobile, and a Switch version is coming someday. Be sure to follow the official Twitter for more info.

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