Lost Soul Aside PS4 Gameplay Shows Stylish and Brutally Challenging Boss Fight and More

Lost Soul Aside PS4 Gameplay Shows Stylish and Brutally Challenging Boss Fight and More

The former solo project Lost Soul Aside has come a long way, and is playable at PlayStation Experience. Now you can see what it looks like in action.

UltiZero Games’ Lost Soul Aside is playable right now on the show floor at PlayStation Experience, and DualShockers had a chance to play it and see it in action. Since we love to share, we brought back some gameplay for you to enjoy.

The videos that you’ll see below showcases a really brutal boss fight that almost feels straight from a Souls game. When we dropped by the game’s booth, only four people had managed to beat it. That being said, we were told that the difficulty of the demo doesn’t necessarily reflect the final game.

We also see some smaller enemies in action in one of the videos. In the demo, players are given twenty potions, and they have to make them last through the smaller enemies and into the boss, that becomes really challenging during its second phase.

Lost Soul Aside was born as a solo project by developer Yang Bing, but a trailer revealed in July 2016 brought widespread attention due to the impressive quality of the animation showcased. This caused several publishers to make offers to support development, but ultimately Sony Interactive Entertainment came on top with its China Hero Project. After forming UltiZero Games, Yang Bing is now ready to let players challenge a demo of his games at a big event like PlayStation Experience.

Considering that this demo was put together by the team quite quickly, I’d say this is one of the most promising things I’ve seen in a while from a small studio.

You can check out the videos below, alongside a look at the control scheme. If you want to see more, you can also watch a recent trailer.

Lost Soul Aside has no release window at the moment, and it has been announced only for PS4.

[On location reporting: Azario Lopez]