Lost Soul Aside’s Solo Developer Making Plans for the Future; Contacted by Sony and Epic Games

Lost Soul Aside’s Solo Developer Making Plans for the Future; Contacted by Sony and Epic Games

In the past couple of days, we covered the gorgeous solo project Lost Soul Aside, that impressed many with a spectacular first trailer.

Today the game’s creator Yang Bing provided a couple of updates on Facebook, outlining his plans for the future.

Thank you everyone. there are still many things to do, so I can’t reply your messages and friend adds immediately. I’ll try to reply them but sorry for late reply.

I’ll stop making new content, and begin to make some plans about the future of Lost Soul Aside. There are many kind people who want to help, but please wait until the plan is ready, thank you for your support very much.

And I have to thank my friend Guido Rivia who helps managing the fan page of LSA.

People are recommending me to do a Kickstarter. Thank you guys. When the plan is ok, then I may turn to that. Kickstarter means too much responsibility for me now, and I’m afraid I can’t bear that at the time.

I read many comments yesterday, thank you for encouraging me and thank you for asking to help. I can say nothing else but thank you guys. Some people said they get some motivation to do their own game, I’m very glad to be that guy, though I’m just a normal developer. Thank you again.

He also shared a second message, which includes some good news, as it appears that both Sony and Epic Games contacted him:

Hello. I have to say thank you everyone. I’ve been dealing with messages till now. A little tired but I’m really glad to see the warm words you sent to me.

So many people came to me just want to help with LSA, you guys really moved me, I have never never expected this.

So many kind guys from all over the world and all different areas. I have no words but thank you friends.

When I got the plan ready I will turn to you for your help. I’m really moved by you and everyone who encouraged me and comforted my stress, just thank you everyone.

I’ll try to not let you down though I’m just a normal developer. Everyone of you is my honor. Thank you again!

And there are some good news, that I got contacted by Sony and Epic Games. I don’t know if I can get their help. but this really gives me more confidence to finish Lost Soul Aside.

It’s midnight here and I will continue to answer your messages tomorrow. Sorry for late reply I will try to answer every of you. Thank you again everyone.

While we shouldn’t have too many expectations from tentative contacts, it’s certainly nice to see that publishers have taken notice of Yang Bing’s hard work. Hopefully, this will help him in achieving his development goals, and us to get to play his game sooner or later.