Lost Spirits of Kael Attempts a Different Method of Crowdfunding

By Chad Awkerman

April 23, 2013

Lost Spirits of Kael is an upcoming indie RPG from Rablo Games, which is aiming for a launch next year on the PC. While it isn’t unusual for an indie game of this sort to seek crowdfunding to help give them some publisher-free development support, the way this particular developer is going about it is quite interesting.

Instead of directly petitioning for funds on Kickstarter or from their own independent site, they are making the official soundtrack for the game available for purchase and hoping to fund the game by means of those sales alone. While you may think that sounds like a bit of a reach, after watching the trailer (which you can check out below), you’ll quickly notice that the very haunting and atmospheric melodies sampled within are quite pleasing.

The game is an RPG that focuses on just that – the whole atmosphere of the game itself. You take on the role of a painter who has lost his inspiration to paint, and he goes on a quest to get it back into the Forest of Kael. Unfortunately, it takes more than a little work to rekindle his desire to express himself, as he gets stuck in the forest and must work his way out. According to the developer, key points of the game are its focus on the feelings of loneliness and helping to find ones way through the unknown.

If you’d like to check out more on the game, you can visit the developer’s site, which also contains links to purchase the soundtrack and help them out in the development process. Check the trailer below for a brief look at the title to get a feel for what they’re attempting to accomplish.

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