Changes Coming to Titanfall 2 Following the First Multiplayer Tech Test

Changes Coming to Titanfall 2 Following the First Multiplayer Tech Test

Follow last week’s Titanfall 2 mutiplayer tech test, developer Respawn has received a lot of feedback, and some changes are being made.

Many fans expressed concerns for things such as the slower pilot movement speed. According to multiplayer designer Steven DeRose, pilot movement speed was slowed down to make firefights more skillful. “A lack of player predictability would often cause players to be shot from the back or sides.” One of my main issues with the first game was how sporadic the gameplay seemed to be, but I agree that a slightly faster movement speed is needed in Titanfall 2 as it seems quite sluggish at times. “While flanking is an important part of gameplay death often felt random instead of skillful.”

Pilot speed in the air and while wall-running will now be faster, ensures Respawn. As well as that, many fans were bothered by there being no timer counting down to when your Titan will be ready. In Titanfall 2 you instead build up your score by capturing objectives. Those that didn’t focus on this would get their Titans very late into a game.

Respawn will be keeping this mechanic in the game, but will try to ensure that each players gets at least one Titan per match. You will now gain a small amount of score onto your Titan timer every few seconds, regardless of what you’re doing.

Many players expressed concerns that their Titans seemed to be destroyed a lot easier than they should. DeRose made sure to point out that many defensive Titan packages are not available in the Beta. Respawn firmly believes that the new battery system is far better and rewards teamwork. I found that, if playing with a friend, you can keep your Titan for the majority of a match once you get it.

Map design was another concern among players of the tech test. Homestead is quite an open map and has far less wall-running spots than some in the first game, so some took this this to mean this design would carry over to other maps. However, DeRose insists that this isn’t the case, and that Respawn will prove this by showing new maps in the coming weeks.

At launch, Titanfall 2 will have menu options that allows players to turn off HUD features based on their individual preferences as some found the screen to be a little too crowded.

Finally, the orange outlines around Pilots are staying, as Respawn believes they are crucial in identifying friends from foes. However, they will be adjusting the outline fades to make it harder to reveal Pilots at large distances.

Some of these changes will be in the upcoming second tech test phase this weekend, while others will be changed in the final game.