Lots of New Information And Screenshots Released for Pokemon X and Y

on May 15, 2013 3:25 PM

Nintendo released today lots of new information, screenshots and concept art for Pokemon X and Y versions. The new goodies include the box art from both games, the Kalos region map, screens of one of the cities, the male and female protagonists in more detail and more.

The concept art for the two main trainers has been revealed–the boy was given a sporty look and the girl a more glamorous one. But one of the newest features is the ability to not only choose the gender of the character but the ability to choose from three unique appearances for each character. You can choose between blonde hair and blue eyes or dark hair and dark eyes or even between light skin and dark skin.

We also get to see more of the Kalos region, which was based off of Paris (right down to a skyscraper in one of the screens that looks very similar to the Eiffel Tower).

The new Pokedex, along with the new Pokedex interface, has also been revealed. And we get to see the full Pokemon battle menu interface, which is basically the same but more stylish and fitting with graphical update. And just like the DS versions, the actual Pokemon battle takes place on the top screen and the menu is at the bottom.

I could go on about all the new features but instead I’ll let you see the new pictures for yourself in the gallery below.

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