Love Story Between Final Fantasy and Cup Noodles Continues with Final Fantasy Boss Collection

Love Story Between Final Fantasy and Cup Noodles Continues with Final Fantasy Boss Collection

Nothing says "I love you" in Final Fantasy XV like a warm, happy cup of instant noodles.

Someone at Square Enix must really love Nissin Cup Noodles. To be fair, how can I blame them? Those cheap, warm and satisfying instant noodles kept me company during many sleepless nights reporting on gaming news from an hotel in Tokyo.

That said, during today’s 30th anniversary event, Square Enix announced just another collaboration with Nissin, in the form of the Final Fantasy Boss Collection.

Based on the concept that “hunger is the strongest enemy,” Nissin will sell at its online store a collection of fifteen noodle cups in a display case. Each cup will feature the boss of one of ghe fifteen mainline Final Fantasy games.

This means that if you haven’t played or finished Final Fantasy XV, and plan to, you should leave the gallery at the bottom of the post alone, because the last cup is a spoiler.

Only 30,000 sets will be made, so true fans (and gluttons) will need to hurry and pre-order when bookings will open, on February 1st and until March 9th (or until the limited quantity runs out).

And that’s not all. Among those who will pre-order, Nissin will draw thirty winners randomly, and they will be granted a special bonus, in the form of the Ultima Weapon Fork, measuring a whopping 60 cm.

No, I’m not joking. It’s all real. If you don’t believe me, You can check out official images from the press release and a few shots of the actual cups and fork taken by yours truly at the event.

This certainly isn’t the first collaboration between Square Enix and Nissin, that released two hilarious Final Fantasy XV commercials on Japanese TV. You can check them out here and here.

Nissin’s cup noodles also appear in Final Fantasy XV, as an in-game item and more.

One thing is for sure: old dear Gladiolus would be proud.