LoveR Gets New Swimsuit Photoshoot Screenshots, Game System Details, Shop Pre-Order Bonuses

Kadokawa Games released new screenshots and game system details for LoveR, the dating sim and photography game by Ichirou Sugiyama and Minotaro.

By Iyane Agossah

October 26, 2018

Kadokawa Games published new screenshots for LoveR, the upcoming photography and dating simulation game by Ichirou Sugiyama, with character designs by Taro Minoboshi (Minotaro), character designer of Love Plus and Root Letter.

LoveR follows the legacy of True Love Story, KimiKissPhoto Kano and Reco Love, all dating sim games which Sugiyama-san worked on.

The first batch of screenshots shows Lilia Takamura, Romi Nakaza and Yumina during a gym uniform photoshoot session, and the second batch of screenshots shows Nanatsu Higadera, Kasumi Crista Ikuno, and Rinze Himenogi during a school swimsuit photoshoot session.

Both the gym uniforms and school swimsuits were designed by Minataro. The 3D model illustrations were made by the game’s art director, Quin q9.

During LoveR’s photoshoots, you can ask multiple expressions and poses from the girls, either by using the voice recognition function or simply by selecting them with the controller. When the “motivation gauge”, seen at the left, reaches past the “H” threshold, you can start asking for “sexy poses”, with bolder sexy poses unlocking if you’re in a relationship with the girl.

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Keep in mind though that constantly asking for sexy poses will make the girl feel uncomfortable, which you can guess with the “excitement heart” gauge at top right. If that heart gauge gets full, the girl will forcefully tell you to stop shooting and leave, hurting your relationship. Moreover, girls will only keep a sexy pose for a few seconds, and will soon stop from embarrassment, so you should be careful to not miss the right timing of your shoots.

Last but not least, as usual for Japanese games, LoveR has shop specific pre-order bonuses, which includes swimsuit DLC costumes, cute keychains of SD versions of the characters, and posters. You can check them along with the screenshots below.

You can check the game’s first trailer here, and more screenshots and videos of the game’s official Youtuber here. You can also read a lengthy interview of Sugiyama-san and Minotaro, talking about the game, photography culture in Japan and their desire to remake True Love Story one day.

LoveR releases exclusively for PS4 on February 14th. The game wasn’t announced for the west yet.


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