PS4 Exclusive LoveR Gets First Screenshots and its own Virtual YouTuber

PS4 Exclusive LoveR Gets First Screenshots and its own Virtual YouTuber

Kadokawa Games released new screenshots of its upcoming love simulation LoveR, and unveiled one of its heroines as a virtual YouTuber.

Today Kadokawa Games announced that its upcoming love simulation LoveR will get its own virtual YouTuber.

The girl is named Magical Yumina, and it’s the magical girl version of Yumina, the protagonist’s little sister and a first-year student in high school in the game.

Quite obviously, she is affected by a serious brother complex, and her tagline is “I’m in trouble because I love my oniichan too much.” Go figure.

Magical Yumina will appear in a series of broadcasts starting on September 20th. She is voiced by Yumiri Hanamori (Ako Ichinose in Blue Reflection)

We also get a batch of screenshots and artwork showcasing the six heroines that will populate the game, Yumina included.

If you’re unfamiliar with LoveR, it was announced earlier this week during the PlayStation Lineup Tour event in Tokyo.  It’s the latest game by Ichirou Sugiyama, known for KimikissPhoto Kano, and Reco Love. Another big name will handle the character design, Taro Minoboshi, formerly at Konami and known for the LovePlus franchise, as well as Root Letter.

You can check out the video and the screenshots below. If you want to see more, you can enjoy the announcement trailer.

The game will release in Japan on February 14th, 2019 for PS4. At the moment there is no announcement of a western release, but being Kadokawa Games, this may very well be the first of Sugiyama-san’s games that we get in the west.