Lucasfilm Shuts Down Fan-Made Battlefront 3 Revival Project, Galaxy in Turmoil

Lucasfilm Shuts Down Fan-Made Battlefront 3 Revival Project, Galaxy in Turmoil

Unsurprisingly, Galaxy in Turmoil, a fan-made revival project of the never-to-be Battlefront 3 has had to cease production after talks with Lucasfilm and Electronic Arts.

Frontwire Studios president Tony Ramanelli revealed in a blog post that despite having met with top Lucasfilm folks, the project is no longer allowed to use the Star Wars IP.

The studio received a letter in late June from Lucasfilm telling them to cease production of the game, but Romanelli didn’t want to “lay down at the first sign of trouble” and so went about setting up a meeting with Lucasfilm. During the meeting, Romanelli discovered that Electronic Arts has no desire to share the IP with Frontwire Studios and that the mammoth publisher did not like the idea of Galaxy in Turmoil taking attention away from their own Battlefront franchise.

Despite this, Romanelli insisted he did not blame EA for wanting to protect such a valuable IP and that he and his studio would not be going into legal battle with either Lucasfilm or Electronic Arts, despite believing that Galaxy in Turmoil falls under Fair Use law.

However, the studio wont be ditching the project either, and plan to continue developing a free, large-scale sci-fi shooter without the Star Wars IP. The blog post promises a game with “massive 64-player battles, ground-to-space combat, destructible capital ships, and a full single-player campaign.”

Romanelli finishes up by announcing that the studio has plans to crowdfund Galaxy in Turmoil, but that they wouldn’t be doing anything like that until they have a playable demo first.