Lucky Lanterns Event Hits Rocket League Next Week With New Arena

Lucky Lanterns Event Hits Rocket League Next Week With New Arena

Everything is looking a bit Chinesey next week for Rocket League, and it looks great.

Edit: The original post contained information about the contents of the Golden Lanterns taken from the official blog post. (Cosmetics from the Champions Series 1, 2, and 3) The article has now been updated to reflect the correct items after corrections were announced to the details.

Rocket League has not long just finished it’s Frosty Fest event, and now we’re getting another event next week titled Lucky Lanterns. Included in the event will be more cosmetics to unlock but also a new arena for the first time in a while.

To celebrate the Lunar New Year, developer Psyonix is introducing Lucky Lanterns to Rocket League. The event will find players playing the game and earning Red Envelopes which can then be spent on limited-time cosmetic rewards.

There will be a celebration kite antenna and a paper dragon antenna available to purchase. There’s also a paper dragon topper as well as a lantern fest topper. There’s a cute Richie Rat topper too to highlight this year being the Year of the Rat. There are also numerous other cosmetics to grab, ranging from wheels, trails, and more.

When players log in to the game they will also be granted a free player banner titled, “Goodbye Nian”. Nian being Chinese for “Year”. Golden Lanterns are also available, which when purchased with Red Envelopes give the player a random item from the Impact, Overdrive, and Victory Series.

Rocket League will also get a brand new Forbidden Temple arena, decorated with Chinese-themed props outside of the arena, and pretty goals. It’s not clear if the arena is going to be a permanent addition similar to Salty Shores, or a timed arena like the Stranger Things-themed arena. I guess we’ll find out when the event ends.

Rocket League will see the event take place on January 20 and it will finish on Feburary 10. The game itself is available on PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.