LudoNarraCon is a Free, Digital Convention for Games that is Coming Back in 2020

LudoNarraCon returns in April 2020.

If you aren’t media and want to attend events like E3 or GDC, the cost of attendance is quite high. E3 tickets cost $250 or more for most and GDC is even more expensive as it can cost anywhere from $199 to $1,999 depending on the type of pass you want to get. If that’s too costly for you, you may want to keep an eye on LudoNarraCon. Fellow Traveller, an indie publisher known for games like Neo Cab and The Church in the Darkness, started the free, digital convention this year, and has just announced its plans to bring the event back in April 2020.

Fellow Traveller boasts that LudoNarraCon’s setup is beneficial to both developers and gamers. Its digital nature means developers from anywhere in the world can present their game at the event for a fraction of the cost of something like E3; meanwhile, fans don’t have to pay for travel or to attend. Fellow Traveller Managing Director Chris Wright explains the idea further. “The first of its kind, LudoNarraCon was an experiment born out of a growing need to find better, smarter ways to promote the games on our label and to find new ways to pursue our mission of pushing games forward as a storytelling medium.”

So, how exactly does it work? With a website tying things together, every developer that participates streams behind-the-scenes looks for their games on their respective Steam pages. Several games are also discounted during the event, and a main “theatre stream” with more specified panels is also held over the duration of LudoNarraCon.

It’s a pretty cool event, and one you should definitely keep your eye on if you like narrative-focused indie games. LudoNarraCon returns in April 2020.

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