Luigi’s Mansion 3DS Includes Co-operative Gameplay

Co-operative gameplay comes to Luigi's Mansion for both owners and non-owners of the new 3DS port of this spooky GameCube classic.

on September 13, 2018 7:14 PM

A 2-Player mode has been added to the Luigi’s Mansion port for Nintendo 3DS. The second player will control a green silhouette of Luigi and you can both play through the game together if each player owns a copy of the game. If another player does not own the game you can still play together but only the boss fights accessible via the gallery. This is done by using Download Play on the Nintendo 3DS.

Amiibo figures can help out in the game such as revealing hidden boos or healing Luigi when he talks to Toad. Each amiibo has a unique effect on the game.

Luigi’s Mansion comes to Nintendo 3DS on October 12 and you can view the co-op mode in action in the trailer below.

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