Pokemon GO Luminous Legends Y Event Details - Start Time, Research and Rewards

By Sam Woods

May 17, 2021

May has been an extremely busy and exciting month for Pokemon GO players.

Alongside the smattering of the usual Community Day, Spotlight and Raid Hours, Niantic has thrown two giant events.

The first event, Luminous Legends X is now drawing to a close, instead, making way for the brand new Luminous Legends Y.

Here are all the details you need to know about the Luminous Legends Y event, including the start date, time, research and rewards.

The Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal coming soon to Pokémon GO!

The Legendary Pokémon Xerneas and Yveltal coming soon to Pokémon GO!

Pokemon GO Luminous Legends Y Event Start Date and Time

The Luminous Legends Y event is split into two parts with the first part kicking off tomorrow, May 18 at 10 am local time.

Part one will conclude at 10 am local time one week later on Tuesday, May 25 and will continue until May 31, 8 pm local time.

What’s Happening in the Luminous Legends Y Event?

Part One:

Part one of the Luminous Legends Y event is focused around Team GO Rocket and Dark-type Pokemon.

In this part of the event, players will get the opportunity to encounter a debuting Yveltal in Five-Star Raids.

Alongside Yveltal, other Dark-types will be appearing in raids, including Alolan Meowth.

The following Dark-type Pokemon will also be be appearing in 12km eggs:

  • Absol
  • Dieno
  • Larvitar
  • Pancham
  • Pawniard
  • Qwilfish
  • Sandile
  • Scraffy
  • Skorupi
  • Vullaby

There will also be a bunch of Dark-types hatching from 7km eggs, including the Alolan versions of Grimer, Meowth and Rattata, plus Poochyenam, Purrloin, Sneasel and Stunky.

Both Dark and Fairy-type Pokemon will be appearing in the wild alongside the likes of Goomy.

Team GO Rocket will also be very prevalent during this event, with Niantic stating that “Grunts will be changing up their battle strategies.” They will also be using different Pokemon types than usual and may even challenge you in multiples, theoretically like how Jessie and James have been.

Research and Rewards

During the first part of the event, Niantic has released a Team GO Rocket Global Challenge.

This challenge will see players fight to defeat 25 million Team GO Rocket Grunts by the second part of the event.

If they are successful, players will unlock the following rewards:

  • 3x Catch XP
  • The release of the Shiny Galarian Zigzagoon family
  • Galarian Zigzagoon raids

Thanks to Leek Duck, we also have a look at the research for the event, you can check it out below:

Part Two

The second part of the event will see the release of Sylveon, the much anticipated Fairy-type Eeveelution.

Fairy-types will once again take the spotlight with similar Pokemon to the Luminous Legends X event appearing throughout the game.

Providing players complete the Global Challenge, they will also gain access to the rewards at this point.

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