Luna Plus’ Draconian Awakening Expansion Now Online

Luna Plus’ Draconian Awakening Expansion Now Online

Luna Plus, an MMORPG by gPotato, has a new expansion today.

The expansion includes a new dungeon, weapons, armor, and new systems. The story goes that the restless spirit of Drapia, located deep in the new dungeon in the Ruins of Ancient Elpus, has awakened and wants revenge. Along with this, field monsters all over the word may come back as well, and will drop valuable items when a player defeats them.

Also new is the weather feature, which will bestow the player with buffs producing increases in experience and drop rated for money and items, depending on what is falling from the sky.

The Guild Tournament will now happen with greater frequency, which means more fancy armor and weapons. The Slot Machine Feature is also new, and gives players a shot at housing points every 10 minutes.

The holidays are full of even more events and prizes than before. Defeating tree monsters gets you a tree for your home, and some monsters will be dropping mysterious gifts containing parts of holiday costumes.