Lunar Festival 2017 Begins in Heroes of the Storm

Lunar Festival 2017 Begins in Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard announced today the 2017 Lunar Festival  event has kicked off in Heroes of the Storm. 

This Lunar Festival event runs from today until February 14, and adds the following quests to the game:

  • Lunar Festival Quests and Rewards:
    • Quest: Complete the Rooster Race once.
      • Reward: 200 Gold.
    • Quest: Complete the Rooster Race 25 times during the 2017 Lunar Festival event.
      • Rewards: Lunar Rooster Portrait and the Lunar Rooster Mount.
  • Lunar Festival Quest Details
    • Each day during Lunar Festival, players will receive a new event quest to complete the Rooster Race.
    • If any players on a team have not yet finished that day’s quest, there’s a chance that the Lunar Rooster, and many festive items, will appear in the team’s starting area.
    • Collect the required items and return them to the Rooster to advance his position. Return 4 items before time runs out to complete the Rooster Race!

The 2017 Lunar Festival Bundle was also added to the in-game shop. This bundle contains the skins Monkey King Samuro and Lunar Li-Ming, and also include the new Nimbus Cloud Mount.

They also released a new trailer highlighting this in-game event, which you can watch below. Heroes of the Storm is currently available on PC.