Lupiesoft Introduces the Development Team of Yuri Visual Novel The Stargazers

on October 21, 2016 9:56 PM

MangaGamer posted a new blog entry with introductions from the development team working on the yuri sci-fi visual novel Adventures in Deep Space: The Stargazers, coming to PC-via MangaGamer on November 4 with an all ages version coming to Steam.

The blog post allows the development team to introduce themselves and reminisce on their time work. Evidently, mechs will play a big part in the game’s story as Director and Lead Artist Taosym writes, “I am most proud of the sci-fi elements that I got to create, from the spaceships to the mecha. Every game is a unique challenge but this is something I had never done before, and I was able to think about design in a completely different way from our previous titles”.

Furthermore, Director and Lead Writer TFO comments on the different way players will be able to experience the game when he writes, There’s a lot in The Stargazers universe to see and allowing you to see it through the eyes of different people gives you a chance to see much more than you would with just one protagonist”.

Lupiesoft is a western visual novel company who has released several games including The Reject Demon Toko, each receiving generally positive reviews from the community.

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