Luscious Scans for Playstation Exclusive JRPG Persona 5 Are Out, Check Out the Protagonist, His Persona in Battle and More

on February 11, 2015 2:57 PM

The huge Persona 5 spread in Famitsu, Japanese video game publication, has finally been released and we are treated to several incredible scans of the protagonist, his Persona Arsene and even glimpses of summoning during battle.

We also learn plenty of other info on the game, setting, the Cooperation feature, music and other such juicy tidbits. Check out the full list of info as well as scan images below:

  1. The protagonist gains his Persona after certain events unfold and the city is enveloped in darkness. His hideout is most likely the cafe he lives in.
  2. He attends a private school called Shujin Academy, which is a pun of the Japanese word prison “Shuujin.”
  3. According to the magazine, the scene of the protagonist being consumed by blue flames is his Persona awakening. The mask is the blue flames taken form.
  4. Student life, weather patterns and calendar system from Persona 4 will be making a return.
  5. The Sneak system that let’s players gain the initiative in battle will be making a return, as will All-Out Attacks. Masks are worn in battle as well and have a significance their.
  6. Famitsu believes Cooperation will be about getting closer to allies as well as sympathizers.
  7. Shoji Meguro’s soundtrack will be based on acid Jazz, which includes elements of jazz, soul, funk, disco and hip hop.
  8. It was also confirmed that the trailer from last week was PS3 footage.

Hopefully Famitsu will do another spread with even more gorgeous images included.

Meanwhile, check out the gallery below for your Persona 5 fix, all of our previous news for the upcoming title and our (very) detailed analysis of the trailer released last week.

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