Mabinogi Celebrates Summer Festivities

Mabinogi Celebrates Summer Festivities


Free-2-play Nexon MMO Mabinogi is offering players a variety of seasonal events to coincide with the arrival of  summer. These events include the Independence Day event, which began on July 1st and will run unto July 6th, 2010.


During this event, players will be able to purchase fireworks from general stores and access special content when the fireworks are launched. Additionally, fireworks that travel a certain distance into the air will reward players with valuable in-game prizes. The second festivity is the Premium Treasure Chest event. This event will allow players to collect rare loot.

During the Premium Treasure Chest event, monsters all over Erinn will drop special chests. Players must locate the keys in order to open these chests. Following the Independence Day celebration, gamers can partake in a new version of capture the flag that grants each player a special weapon to freeze members of the opposing team.

These fire and ice festivities last for a limited time only. The Premium Treasure Chest event begins July 21st and runs until August 3rd, 2010.