Mac App Store Hosting High Profile Games

By Michael Perry

January 31, 2011

As a Mac owner, I am very gracious that developers and publishers are finally giving the Mac a fighting chance releasing some great games that will hopefully pay off and show that Macs are a viable gaming platform. I feel like Steam really helped this cause although they had some high promises at the beginning and haven’t quite delivered; it’s still a great service to have. Now with the Mac App Store, developers are embracing Mac as a gaming machine and taking it a step further.

Right now on the Mac App Store, you can buy Bioshock and Borderlands, two huge games that are a great starting point to show that the Mac App Store will not just host games for the casual like Angry Birds. Sure, they might be a little overpriced right now (Bioshock is $39.99 and Borderlands is $49.99), but sales happen all the time with apps so hopefully these go on sale soon, although they are both worth every penny if you haven’t experienced them yet. Another plus is the fact of how simple downloading apps are; it’s just a few clicks and the game is yours.

We are already seeing competition happen between Steam and the Mac App Store which I’m sure will continue to happen as more and more games show up as apps. As of right now, Steam has the better sales but once Apple catches on with their pricing structure, Mac gaming will become much more interesting.

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