Machine Games Producer John Jennings Gives Seven Reasons to Play Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

By Steven Santana

April 18, 2015

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, a prequel for last year’s Wolfenstein: The New Order, is very close to release on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Recently Senior Producer at Machine Games, John Jennings, shared some new details on The Old Blood in an interview with Gary Steinman.

Instead of the serious theme of The New Order, The Old Blood brings BJ Blazkowicz back to the 1940s, and more in line with the, “pulp B-movie thing we’re going for,” It also helps to fill in some plot gaps from The New Order, such as how the Nazis discovered the technology that helped them win the Second World War.

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood won’t be recycling anything from The New Order. What began as an imitation of assets and environments from last year’s Wolfenstein evolved into something very different. An example of which is the Supersoldaten who are tied to a power source, opening up a different way to annihilate them.

A big addition to stealth and melee combat is the pipe, something heavily featured in The Old Blood trailers. Not only is it usable as a stealth weapon, but can be broken apart for dual wielding. The pipe is also used to ascend specific walls for progression, or for reaching high ground during firefights.

The takedowns vary depending on whether you use it as a single- or dual-wield weapon – but one thing remains consistent: these pipes are hollow. Meaning that if you gank someone, there’s a good chance a geyser of blood’s gonna spurt out the other end.

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One of the major settings for The Old Blood is Castle Wolfenstein, last seen in the 2001 classic Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Not only will the hallways feel familiar, and some characters return like Agent One and Kessler. Nazi zombies will reappear, this time with ranged and dash attacks to keep the player on his toes.

Thanks to the time period being changed from The New Order, MachineGames has been able to make the game more entertaining, it is “all about heart-thumping, pulse-pounding, bullet-blasting thrills.

There is no requirement to have played Wolfenstein: The New Order previously, as the game is a true prequel. The Old Blood does contain some nods to its predecessor, but The Old Blood ends a few hours before The New Order begins, and you can play both sections of The Old Blood in any order.

Lastly, the developers recorded some motion capture of themselves for a scene midway through The Old Blood, which showcases drunken Germans singing.

The voices were all done by us. We got the lyrics a couple of days before and had to learn German. Several cases of beer were purchased a couple of hours before the session, to make sure our vocal chords were sufficiently lubricated. We were so bad performing it. Everyone was overlapping each other, getting the timing wrong. You couldn’t actually hear half the words half the time!

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood launches on May 5, 2015 digitally, and will enjoy a limited physical release in Europe only beginning on May 14, 2015.

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