Machines Revolt at an Alternate Universe in the New Atomic Heart Trailer

The developer Mundfish is showing off their new upcoming game in a new trailer, Atomic Heart, with VR options to sport.

Set in an alternate universe in the Soviet Union, Atomic Heart shows the dangers of putting too much trust into the technology that we create. The new title is being developed by Mundfish, and they released a new trailer showing off the gameplay in their new bizarre and futuristic world.

In this game, players will fight against the mechanical uprising by avoiding some battles and hiding, or even taking them head-on, sending the bucket-O-bolts back to the factory they came from. Regardless of how you choose to defend yourself, beware the army of seeker bots.

Many of those who worked in this facility would spread some unique and awful tales of the undead rising up once again, or even experimental abominations. While bizarre and out of this world, these stories all have one thing in common: Dr. Stockhausen was supposedly behind every single one. While you sneak and smash your way through to safety, can you find the truth to what was really going on behind the scenes before everything went haywire?

It doesn’t seem hard to pinpoint the inspirations for Atomic Heart. Much of the gameplay seen in the trailer below screams a style that is heir to both Fallout 4 and BioShock, which is freaking cool.

Atomic Heart will release sometime in 2018 and is scheduled for PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms, with VR options on the PS4 and PC via Steam. See that play button below?

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