Mad Box Gives a First Look at Concept Images of Its Controller

Mad Box Gives a First Look at Concept Images of Its Controller

Ian Bell who is CEO of Slightly Mad, has taken to Twitter to showcase some first look images of his new Mad Box Controller that look not only futuristic, but it also displays a keyboard

Slightly Mad CEO Ian Bell has taken to Twitter to showcase some concept images of the Mad Box controller in the aftermath of revealing a first look at the company’s in-production console which he hopes will rival PlayStation and Xbox. This also comes after the Mad Box developer threw caution to the wind and asked the public for a good name for the console and willing to pay $10,000 to the lucky individual who comes up with the best slogan, on top of free games for life.

Even though Slightly Mad has recently changed the look of the console with removing their logo on the side of the unit and the console now displaying the name of the game you’re currently playing – which in my opinion, sounds really cool – Mr. Bell has now posted a few pictures of what the controller will look like at least for now, as of course, this could also change.

From the images Ian Bell has posted, it looks as though there’s a rather huge touch screen at the center of the controller which probably is for it to display contextual information and graphics based on the game being played and then we see a speedometer which could mean the developer best known for its work on the Project Cars series, will bring the title to this console too, although I’m pretty sure if I was looking at my controller while playing a driving game, I wouldn’t last for very long.

In a follow-on message in the thread, Ian adds in another image which shows the controller’s precision triggers and rear paddles

Obviously, people had some questions for Ian that he didn’t have issues answering. One, in particular, was from a user asking about a Mad Box steering wheel with Ian replying that “The Mad Wheel will be coming soon!”. Now, that I can’t wait to see and what kind of spin he may have on it. Like I previously said, these designs could change again so it’s best not to get too attached to them right now as knowing Ian Bell, anything could happen.

You can check out the very first Mad Box controller designs below: