Mad Box CEO Has Already Decided to Change the Look of the Console

Mad Box CEO Has Already Decided to Change the Look of the Console

The Mad Box now has a new design and its first images may be teasing one of the platform's launch titles.

I guess when your in-development console is still over three years away from release, you can afford to change up its design on the fly. At least, this is what Slightly Mad Studios has decided to do with its forthcoming Mad Box console.

Less than a week after originally revealing the first design concepts for the Mad Box, Slightly Mad Studios CEO Ian Bell announced on Twitter that the studio has decided to change its look. Bell revealed a new series of images of a much sleeker looking Mad Box that does away with the company’s logo planted on the side of the unit. He said that these changes came about after listening to the public’s feedback on the first design.

One of the other notable additions to this new iteration of the console is that the front-facing screen displays the name of the game you’re currently playing. In the mockups we see that Bell released, it lists “Project Cars Revolution” as the game currently being played on the Mad Box. However, Project Cars Revolution is not a game that currently exists. When a user asked Bell if this title would be a launch game for the Mad Box, Bell teased, “It just might be.”

This whole Mad Box thing has been strangely fun to watch unfold over the past few weeks since Bell first announced the console on Twitter. Whether it ever sees the light of day we still don’t know, but it’s nice to see Bell interact with fans so much on Twitter in conversation about the Mad Box. If you want to see the new designs of the Mad Box, check out the gallery of images at the bottom of the page.

Also, please leave an “F” in chat for the previous Mad Box design — we hardly knew ye.