Mad Catz Creating Gears of War Branded…Gear

on January 26, 2011 2:00 PM

Mad Catz Creating Gears of War Branded...Gear

Mad Catz is doing what they do these days; teaming up with a big name to release some awesome accessories. This time they’re hitting up the monster that is Gears of War 3 to bring some Gears branded controllers, headphones, and more.

Mad Catz is one of those companies that seems like they’ve always been around. However I remember growing up you would make fun of any kid who owned a Mad Catz accessory. Controller? Have fun with broken buttons. Memory Card? Kiss your saves goodbye. Maybe it wasn’t as bad as I’m remembering, but I think it was. Regardless they’ve certainly turned themselves around these days and have earned our trust and respect.

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