Mad Catz PlayStation Move Accessories Announced

When it comes to third party peripherals and accessories Mad Catz has climbed its way to perhaps the most respected producer for such devices in the gaming console realm while increasing their quality, creativity, and variety over the years to deliver products for every console out there. The PlayStation Move peripheral from Sony will also receive a good amount of accessories from the company this September as motion gaming resurges on the PlayStation 3.

Mad Catz Charging Station: First up, a charging station will be released allowing up to 4 PS Moves (or Nav sub-controllers) to be charged at once while being stored. This station also charges two traditional Sixaxis / DualShock 3 controllers. MSRP: $29.99

Mad Catz 3D Shot: Here is a peripheral which shooting fans will appreciate, and takes games that focus on killing into another realm. Made to house the PlayStation Move this controller add-on is said to be ergonomic and realistic in design to feel like an actual gun in your hands while at the same time being comfortable for anything from killing robots, to zombies, bad guys, cowboys, and more. MSRP: $19.99

Mad Catz Gripz Pak: The Gripz Pak includes a set of silicon ‘gripz’ to enhance the feel of the PS Move motion and navigation controllers. This should help prevent dropping the controllers while also enhancing the comfort level of playing with them if all goes according to plan. They even come with a protective wrist strap and will be available in a selection of colors. MSRP: $9.99

Mad Catz Active USB Extension Cable for PlayStation Move: Worried about the PlayStation Eye’s short reaching USB cable and how it might work out for you with your new PlayStation Move setup? Worry no further, Mad Catz has you covered. The Mad Catz Active USB Extension Cable for PS Move extends 15 feet of extra length to any USB cable including the PS Eye connection while ‘actively boosting and repeating the signal’. It is also made to last according to Mad Catz and will be more durable than a standard USB extender while also optimal for the PS Eye since it boosts the signal. MSRP $19.99

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