2D Action Rhythm Game Mad Rat Dead Announced by Nippon Ichi Software For PS4, Switch (UPDATED)

Nippon Ichi Software officially revealed Mad Rat Dead, a new rhythm game with multiple composers including xaki of Umineko fame.

On June 18, Nippon Ichi Software officially announced Mad Rat Dead, a new Rhythm Action game. Mad Rat Dead will launch on Switch and PS4 in Japan on October 29, 2020.

Mad Rat Dead features a lab rat, “Mad Rat”, who spent all his life in a cage being experimented on by the “Doctor”. Mad Rat ends up dying and meeting the Mouse Goddess, who allows him to relive his final day before dying. Mad Rat decides to use this day to try and get revenge on the “Doctor”.

Nippon Ichi delivers us a 2D-scrolling rhythm action game, where you need to jump, dash, and attack enemies in rhythm. You can also charge, which will make your next action more powerful, such as dashing a longer distance. Players are ranked at the end of stages depending on how well they played. It’s a typical Rhythm game.

The Game Director is Yu Mizokami, the key person of the Yomawari series. The game features music from composers Dyes Iwasaki, a_hisa, Camellia, and Nippon Ichi’s Kazuya Takasu, known for known for the Hayarigami series and the first Criminal Girls game. Moreover, among the composers are Zizz Studio, made of Yō Ōyama, Koichi Sakita also known as xaki, and Yoshihiro Kawagoe. xaki is most notably known for being one of the many talented composers on 07th Expansion games. Together with his wife Zakuro Motoki, they form the circle Pomexgranate, and composed for Umineko, Rose Guns Days, and Ciconia.

You can check out the trailer and screenshots below.

Mad Rat Dead reveal trailer

Mad Rat Dead was teased by Nippon Ichi Software these last few days. Unlike most Japanese fans’ expectations, it did not turn out to be Marl Oukoku (Marl Kingdom) series related. The game’s official site can be reached here.

Mad Rat Dead is the fourth new IP announced by Nippon Ichi Software in 2020. It follows crossdressing game Bokuhime Project, available on PS4 and Switch since April 23 in Japan. Then we have the action RPG with a touch of Persona 5 and Qix clones, Shoujo Jigoku no Doku Musume, coming to PS4 and Switch on June 25 in Japan. Lastly we have the horror + yuri visual novel Yoru Tomosu launching on July 30, on PS4 and Switch. None of these games have been announced in the west yet.

Update: Mad Rat Dead was announced in the west for October 30 in North America and Europe, and November 6 in Oceania.

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