Madden 20 Boasts Biggest Ever Digital Launch in Game's First Week

Madden 20 is lighting up the digital sales charts like Drew Brees slinging passes against a rookie cornerback

Madden 20 has only been in the wild for a little over a week now (if you don’t count EA Access users), and already the game is shaping up to be one of the more successful game launches in franchise history. In its initial week, the game is flying up the digital sales charts, setting records along the way. It won’t be surprising if we see a similar sales trend when physical numbers are released later on.

Interestingly, EA has highlighted that more people than last year are dipping their toes into the game’s story mode. Of course, last year’s Longshot 2 story was, at best, middling, so maybe those numbers are skewed just a bit. Face of the Franchise mode is a pretty barebones story mode; however, it does do something that was rare in last year’s Longshot mode. In 2019, you actually get to play football games in the story mode and not just boring mini-games.

Personally, I didn’t think too highly of this year’s Madden. The on-field product is the best the franchise has been in a while, but everything else is lacking. That said, I’m encouraged to see the team trying out things like Superstar X-Factors, which could go a long way to improving the series if built upon in the future. The team just needs to consider spending some development resources on modes that aren’t Madden Ultimate Team.

All that said, it certainly seems like Madden lovers are having a good time with this year’s iteration. If you’d like to to try it out for yourself, it’s available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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