Latest Madden 20 Trailer Shows Off X-Factors, Philly Special, and More

Latest Madden 20 Trailer Shows Off X-Factors, Philly Special, and More

Madden 20's latest trailer is a quick primer for what to expect when the game releases on August 2.

Our long national nightmare is over. You can finally run the iconic Philly Special in Madden. Of course, that’s not the only big addition coming to Madden 20. If you want a quick primer of everything new coming to the game next week, give the new trailer a watch below.

There isn’t anything new in the trailer. Instead, it serves a quick refresher ahead of next week’s release. It can also quickly catch you up if you’ve missed all the Madden 20 coverage over the last few months.

Likely the biggest addition to Madden 20 is new Superstar X-Factor skills. These game-changing abilities make superstars feel more like they play in real life. So, for instance, when you’re playing as the Kansas City Chiefs you’ll be able to use Patrick Mahomes bazooka-like arm to throw further than any other player in the NFL.

As mentioned, the playbook has been updated to include new wrinkles that take advantage of some of the many innovations happening around the League. This, of course, includes the previously mentioned Philly Special, along with the introduction of the Run-Pass Option (RPO). The new RPOs will make quarterbacks like Mahomes and Philadelphia’s Carson Wentz particularly deadly.

Finally, the trailer provides a bit of footage for the new Face of the Franchise: QB1 mode. This career mode replaces the Longshot story mode from Madden 18 and 19. It puts you in the shoes of a college quarterback and lets you play your way into the NFL. The mode looks like a good time and is probably the closest we’ll get to the return of NCAA Football.

Madden 20 is out on August 2 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.