Madden 21 Introduces The Yard – A Backyard Football-Inspired Mode

Madden 21 Introduces The Yard – A Backyard Football-Inspired Mode

Watch out Madden 21 fans, Pablo Sanchez and the gang are coming to take over your NFL.

With Madden NFL 21 launching its mobile version today, fans are getting their first look at the game’s new mode The Yard. It takes players back to the days of playing football in the neighborhood and is coming to all platforms. Of course, with the console and PC release still a few weeks away, Madden players itching to try the mode out will have to give the mobile version a go. Fortunately, most progress does carry over, so you’ll have an early leg up on the competition. Give the mobile trailer a look.

The Yard is all about small-sided, fast-paced gameplay. You’ll create your own avatar and then kit them out with all kinds of gear. Players who loved NFL Street back in the day will be instantly familiar with some of the trick play-centric gameplay. And, while the mobile version shares a lot with the full release, it’s single-player only. Once the game launches on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, you can take on opponents online, but the mobile version stays focused on its single-player narrative.

All of this sounds great, especially if, like me, you miss the days when the Street games ruled the action sports arena. However, after playing Volta in FIFA 20, I’m a bit pessimistic. You can slap a fresh coat of paint on sim gameplay, but it’s never going to feel like an arcade game. That doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll be bad, it just won’t actually be what arcade fans like myself want.

That being said, feel free to try it out for yourself. Madden NFL 21 Mobile is available now on Android and iOS. It’s free-to-play, so giving it a whirl will only cost you time and data. Proper Madden NFL 21 drops on August 28 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.