Madden 22 Franchise Scouting Update Misses Big Opportunity With Delay

September 21, 2021

Madden 22 had a lot riding on it after the immense backlash received by last year’s game, but it was already a rough start with the scouting update being delayed beyond release.

From when Madden 22 was pretty much first shown off in preview events earlier this summer, it was revealed that scouting would not be included in the game’s Franchise mode at launch, but rather a month later in September.

Obviously, September is nearly over and we hadn’t heard anything about the update until now when it was revealed that it has been delayed again.

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Madden 22 | Dynamic Gameday | All Access Deep Dive Trailer

Madden 22 | Dynamic Gameday | All Access Deep Dive Trailer

What Is The Scouting Update?

Franchise Mode in Madden has you playing through a season in the NFL, whether single player or with friends online. As you prepare for the next season, you have to draft new players to replenish your roster for any players that leave.

Scouting allows you to check out these college players throughout the season and then eventually draft the ones you like best on draft day in the off-season.

According to the breakdown from EA Sports, the scouting update in Madden 22 will include a full scouting department, in-depth scouting reports with player physicals, traits, and ratings, news content that will move players up and down the draft board, and mock drafts to show who other teams are potentially looking at throughout the season.

Fans have been asking for a return to a much more robust Franchise mode with full scale scouting, but it has been delayed once again.

Is The Madden 22 Scouting Update Coming Too Late?

Madden 22 released last month on August 20, with early access players getting to play even before that. In the couple of months leading up to launch, it was already known that the scouting update was coming after launch, in September to be exact.

This was already a bit frustrating for those that wanted to jump right into Franchise mode as soon as they got the game, but the promise of it arriving in September didn’t seem too far away.

Then came the first week of the NFL season last weekend, which had people really hyped about pro football again. However, still no scouting update for players to start their Franchise mode with.

And now comes the news that the scouting update has been delayed until October, with no specifics on when in the month it might release.

By the time this update actually comes up, people may not care anymore as they have moved onto other major fall releases or just are over Madden 22 by that point.

Franchise mode does still have a form of scouting available in the game so that you can have players to draft, but the new system that looks to be leagues better will only be available to those that start a brand new Franchise after the update.

If you start a Franchise season now, you will be stuck with the legacy scouting system that exists in the game forever in that specific Franchise. To get the new update when it releases, you’d have to start your entire Franchise over, which makes it not even worth starting period until the update is out as a result.

The scouting update does look like it’s going to be a major improvement to Madden 22’s Franchise mode, but the late release really could hurt in the long run. At the very least, hopefully this will mean that this new scouting system will be good to go at launch in the inevitable Madden 23 next year.

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