Madden Curse Turns into UFC Curse

on August 10, 2009 11:00 AM

Forrest Griffin may have fallen victim to the newest Madden UFC curse. If you happened to watch UFC 101, you may have seen Forrest Griffin get dominated in perhaps the greatest of fashions.

Forrest looked like a sparring partner for Anderson Silva. Silva utterly dominated him and blocked or countered almost every shot, finishing him in the first round. Not only did he finish him, but really out fought him. It reminded me of a cat toying with a mouse, especially after actually helping him up after knocking him down during the first round.

Many believe that the famed Madden curse has ended many a football career, but could it have crossed into the MMA realm? Perhaps since Madden isn’t in this years rendition of the football game that beared his name, his bad mojo has transcended to the world of UFC and MMA?

Did the Madden curse move over to UFC 2009 Undisputed? Who knows, but if I was a fighter I wouldn’t want the cover for next years game. Some are even going as far as to ask for Forrest to be stripped of the cover, this would go beyond even the Madden curse.

Even though there was another cover for our Candian friends with George St. Pierre, we can remember that during his last fight he suffered a groin pull during the third round. Even though he did beat Thiago Alves he was in intense pain, more proof of the new UFC curse and it’s reach.

What do you think? It is all specualtion, but we will see once the fighter for 2010 gets named and something terrible occurs. Long live the curse.

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