Madden NFL 21 Will Partner With Spongebob for Latest Collab

Madden NFL 21 Will Partner With Spongebob for Latest Collab

Madden NFL 21 is going animated for its latest collab event. This time, EA Sports is partnering with Spongebob Squarepants for something very odd.

Madden NFL 21 has seen quite a few different brands and non-football stars coming through over the course of the year. Once the team at EA Sports revealed their new mode The Yard, you knew they’d have several collabs in the works. However, I have to say I did not expect to see Spongebob making an appearance. Today, the team announced that Spongebob and his big yellow head will soon be “in the game”, which I’m sure makes someone out there very excited. Give it a look.

Look, I’m not going to begrudge you if you really want to have Spongebob uniforms or whatever in Madden NFL 21, but it’s pretty dumb. And, if that’s what the team is aiming for, why not go all the way? They should just put Patrick in the game as a nose tackle and give him a juiced player card in Ultimate Team. Or let Mr. Krabs coach your squad in career mode. Let’s get really stupid with this crossover event.

Truly, they could do it. The tweet doesn’t actually say what parts of Madden Spongebob is coming to. I’m assuming it’s just The Yard, but who knows? Maybe I’ll get my wish of a terrifying monstrosity invading your backfield in the form of a lifelike Patrick Star. We’ll know soon.

Madden NFL 21 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Whatever this Spongebob is will go live on January 7. Check back then to see if they’ve added some more nightmare fuel to the game.