Madden NFL 21 - What's in the Final Franchise Update?

The final Madden 21 franchise update is here, maybe it's a winner.

The Madden series has had its ups and downs over the years. Recently, many were upset with Madden NFL 21‘s general lack of content when it launched. Despite EA’s promises of content updates and support, the game has felt generally lacking. With the final Madden 21 Franchise update, it remains to be seen if the game will go down as a hit with football fans.

The update itself is pretty beefy with six major areas that have been changed. Perhaps the most notable is the update to League History. Now, players are able to “revisit the history of your franchise through our new running log of key award winners, conference, and Super Bowl champions on a yearly basis.” Before the update, you were limited to seeing the current year’s stats and awards, but now that you can look at your league’s entire history, you can track how they’ve done much easier.

Other updated systems include Trade Logic & Player Value Improvements, Draft Pick values, Team Philosophy Value Differences, Player Value Modifiers, and QB-Specific Value Improvements.

The full list of changes can be found right here.

If you still aren’t satisfied with how Madden NFL 21 turned out, remember that EA has been focusing its efforts on the upcoming Madden NFL 22 so hopefully, they’ve seen fan feedback and are planning to change things up. That said, EA is not the most reliable company in the world so who knows.

For more on Madden NFL 21, make sure to check out our review of the game right here. You can also check out this article by Ricky Frech about the four features he wants to see return in the upcoming EA Sports: College Football. EA Sports: College Football is making a return after nearly six years of radio silence and fans are more excited than ever.

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