Mads Mikkelsen Admits Death Stranding’s Plot Confused Him at First

Mads Mikkelsen Admits Death Stranding’s Plot Confused Him at First

Mikkelsen says Death Stranding's plot is so intricate that when Kojima-san tried to explain it, Mikkelsen "got lost."

Mads Mikkelsen is playing a lead role in Hideo Kojima’s upcoming video game, Death Stranding, most notably alongside Norman Reedus. However, he admits that the plot is a little more intricate than he had originally expected.

Mikkelsen was recently talking to a crowd at Saudi Comic Con in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia when someone in the audience asked about his experience working with Hideo Kojima on Death Stranding. He explained that Kojima-san tried his hardest, but the story was a little more than he could follow.

“He was trying to tell me the whole plot of the game, and it’s so elaborate that … I mean, I got lost. But I really wanted to learn more.”

Later, Mikkelsen moved on to explain that when he began working on the project, he was hesitant about the motion capture gear being used by Kojima Productions, as it was different from what he has previously been asked to work in. However, Mikkelsen noted that that anxiety was laid to rest with how Hideo Kojima treated the experience.

“He made you feel so at home and so relaxed that it became two really really fun days.”

Recently, Hideo Kojima went into a little more detail on what his new game will be like. Additionally, Kojima-san’s “Hideo Tube” recently featured an interview with Mads Mikkelsen in which he explained how it feels to be put into a game. Death Stranding is a PlayStation 4 exclusive. At this time, there is no scheduled release date.